My first all star game experience was incredible! Thank you to all the fans, coaches, and players for such a great weekend! pic.twitter.com/EOE0w9GQOd

@Flowbro33 ナイスピッチング✊✨

@Flowbro33 ナイスピッチングPJ😆 阪神タイガースに来てくれてありがとう!!!

@Flowbro33 PJナイスピッチング‼ Thank you. I'm touched🤗

@Flowbro33 Thank you PJ. I was excited to see it in AS. pic.twitter.com/sCN0heV4fX

@Flowbro33 @White____bot Thank you PJ. It was fun all star!

@Flowbro33 nice pitching! Thank You very match!! I LOVE YOU

@Flowbro33 Nice pitch PJ!! I was very excited at your pitch! Please also exert yourself now!

@Flowbro33 Congratulations from Bear Nation! Way to 🐻🆙!

@Flowbro33 You are GOD.

@Flowbro33 @toshibon0426 Thank you so much for coming to japan and Hanshin tigers!

@Flowbro33 Thank you PJ!! pic.twitter.com/LjUVrLeKca

@Flowbro33 にこにこPJ🐯 pic.twitter.com/gwNj3BdaDx

@Flowbro33 All Hanshin fans recognize PJ continues to find a way to get marks on the right side of ledger. Last night, it must be a big shot in the arm for the team. #hanshin #tigers

@Flowbro33 Meccha arigato gozaimasu! Great seeing you in the game!

@Flowbro33 I’m so looking forward to seeing you in next AS.

@Flowbro33 Nice pitching ! I was very moved by your pitch yesterday!

@Flowbro33 Nice Pitching! I want you to stay here forever!

@Flowbro33 Nice pitching!!! I can't take my eyes of from your pitching!!!

@Flowbro33 You're guardian of 8th👍 I won't forget that moment :) Nice pitching and Thx for givin' me impression!😭✨💦 Do your best as a member of Hanshin Tigers!🐯💥💪 GJ PJ

@Flowbro33 Thank You PJ! Nice pitching! pic.twitter.com/G1uCthBEK5

@Flowbro33 I'm looking forward to next year's all star😏

@Flowbro33 Nice pitching PJ ! You are Tigers boasts a set upper

@Flowbro33 YOU are incredible!! We are attracted by your pitches. Thank you 😍Have some nice rest.

@Flowbro33 I'm so happy you had fun 🤗 ♬.॰

@Flowbro33 @Bb845Noc Wonderful PJ!!! Nice pitching. Thank you!!

@Flowbro33 Mr.PJ. Nice pitching! Mr.PJ as old as I. I support you everyday.

@Flowbro33 ピージェー👍👏😍⚾️

@Flowbro33 Perfect job!Thank you PJ!!! I’m looking forward to the next game!

@Flowbro33 I love PJ!!🥰

@Flowbro33 Thank you for coming to HANSHIN TIGERS! pic.twitter.com/clfCDVW6eu

@Flowbro33 Thank You‼️ Good job PJ‼️‼️‼️‼️

@Flowbro33 Thank you PJ!!! You’re my hero! And you would pray for the my game team (プロスピA)!! I’m very lucky 🍀 pic.twitter.com/8hKEwETADD

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