Finally done with quarantine.. can’t wait to join the @hanshintigers_official ASAP チームに合流するのが待ちきれません @ Koshien Stadium  https://www.instagram.com/p/CN1ui4brJYY/?igshid=b15rm64zeiu7 

@melrojasjr 待ってたよロハス!!タイガースと優勝しよう!!!

@melrojasjr たのむで!ロハっさん!

@melrojasjr @fitz_kii3 We will support you with all our strength.🔥🔥🔥

@melrojasjr Please do its best in Hello Hanshin. I'm looking forward to your success.

@melrojasjr Oh man...just can't wait for it, either. Know you can grab the win. Go Mel! Go @TigersDreamlink!

@melrojasjr 楽しみにしてます!仲がいいサンズとの活躍を誓っています!

@melrojasjr How much I was looking forward to the day you came... I sincerely hope that you will be active in Japan🙏

@melrojasjr @fitz_kii3 We welcome you!!

@melrojasjr Good luck with hanshin! Show them your stellar defense and hot bat on the field like you did with kt!

@melrojasjr we are waiting for you

@melrojasjr Can't wait to see you at Koshien ASAP

@melrojasjr We all "Hanshin fans" have been waiting for you! Let's get the champion flag with us! Looking forward to see you playing at KOSHIEN.

@melrojasjr Let's sing ROKKO OROSHI with Tigers fans!

@melrojasjr welcome to HanshinTigers!!!!!! I hope that you will play an active role as a member of the Hanshin Tigers!!!!!

@melrojasjr Are you a samurai😏?? pic.twitter.com/CTrjnAxXL2

@melrojasjr I'll be waiting at Koshien. Let's fight together!

タイガースを優勝に導いてくれ‼️👍  https://twitter.com/melrojasjr/status/1384049153626411009 

オモロすぎた🤣 チョケれる方なのね  https://twitter.com/melrojasjr/status/1384049153626411009 

日本に来るのをお待ちしてました😊 ご活躍を楽しみにしています👍  https://twitter.com/melrojasjr/status/1384049153626411009 

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